Extending a helping hand that offers family comfort and unity.
Our vision... to create the means through which Native Americans can provide homes for fellow Native Americans who are homeless.

Creating Opportunities For Shelter

Visions for Shelter has set a goal to acquire 120-150 mobile homes including the delivery and installation of mobile homes for our First Nations homeless. Our first goal is to achieve the shelter for 120-150 mobile home placements in the year 2013. Visions have identified a great need on our Indian Reservations were people are in inadequate living conditions we have seen many homes on the reservations that are currently housing many generations along with extended relative some as many as 14 to 18 people living under one small roof. Many of the homes in which families live have no running water or sewer, many live in their cars or trucks. Visions has found opportunities that mobile homes are very affordable and cost efficient to take on this endeavor in creating a respectful housing for the under privileged. Our goal is to reach out to provide a warm, comfortable, safe, and secure homes for those in need.

Visions for Shelter is seeking several grants from public and private foundations, individual funds will be accepted as well. The distribution of homes will equate the funds received monies the funds will be used for homes for families in immediate need.

Visions for Shelter main goals are to create a well-funded structured plan that will implement and provide homes for the homeless. With the great demand for housing, our Nations Reservations should not continually be abused in this world of opportunity. Our dedication will start with the Native American Reservation but is dedicated to all walks of mankind.

Comparable to Third World Conditions...

Current Reservation Housing
About 22% of our country’s 5.2 million Native Americans live on tribal lands (2010 U.S. Census). Living conditions on the reservations have been cited as "comparable to Third World," (May 5 2004, Gallup Independent).

It is impossible to succinctly describe the many factors that have contributed to the challenges that Native America faces today.  The most pressing issues of economics, health, and housing give a hint of what life is like for many of our First Americans.

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Visions for Shelter
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If you wish to lend financial support

Our vision is to create the means through which Native Americans can provide homes for fellow Native Americans who are homeless.

We are making progress toward our 2013 goal, but want to speed up efforts before the winter season begins. Financial assistance you provide will be used wisely to provide respectful homes for homeless First Nation families.